The DeWeerd Family

Dan and Megan, Sophia (6), Zoe (5), and Charlie (3 months). Sophia and Zoe are both in Discovery B, Sophia in 1st grade, and Zoe in Kindergarten.

We selected the GRCDC for our family because

We chose the GRCDC based largely on the recommendation of a friend as well as its proximity to our home and our first impression (which has proven accurate) that the school is full of very intentional people and practices.

What has being involved in the CDC meant to your family?

As we got back into the school routine this fall, I was surprised by how great it was to be back to the community at the GRCDC. We have all been blessed by meaningful relationships formed at school.

Tell us a story relating to your family’s experience with the GRCDC

After school one day last year, Sophia told me that she felt like all the kids at school were brothers and sisters and that the teachers and staff were the moms and dads of the school. How beautiful that our family extends so far beyond the five individuals who sleep under our shingles every night!

Do you have any information you want to give to new CDC families?

My best advice to the newbies is to get to know folks–the teachers, other staff members, para-pros, aids, your kids’ friends and their parents. The people (and Stripes, of course) are the lifeblood of the school and what make the GRCDC so special. Ask questions. Help out. And be amazed by the exquisite diversity, kindness, and brilliance you encounter.