The School and Classroom Experience


  • The spaces in each classroom create opportunities for children to be with the teacher and many other students, just a few students, or all alone. Shared work surfaces and areas replace the traditional desk.
  • Teachers work within the learning environment versus overseeing it.
  • Teachers ask questions, discover the children’s ideas, hypotheses and theories, then provide opportunities for discovery and learning.
  • Teachers partner with the children in learning; Children and teachers work as teams to develop projects.


Gymnasium and Media Lab

  • Each child receives an hour of movement and an hour of media each week.  
  • The movement/media teacher tailors lessons to the developmental level of each class and works with the classroom teachers to make sure that lessons and experiences enhance the overall classroom learning.
  • The Gymnasium doubles as our “gathering space” for our community meetings, events and performances.  The Gymnasium is the place for our twice monthly, full school community meetings, our family dance, the hub of our school fair, and our movie nights!


The Office(s)

  • The office is the center of productivity for our district.  Attendance, finance, state reporting, technology and classroom support are all handled through our office.
  • Children visit the office for minor first aid, illnesses, and to make a connection with our staff who work there.  The office is a place that many children go to “just say hi!” and receive encouragement from a special adult.
  • Both offices have “calm down” materials, books, fidgets, and other items for children to take a break or to use as a positive break after working hard in their classrooms.



  • All children work in the studio with a small group at least once a week.
  • Classroom work continues in the studio, exploring alternative learning styles.
  • The studio is used by children and teachers alike.
  • The studio provides tools and materials for exploration.
  • The studio environment promotes innovation and discovery.
  • The studio creates tangible outcomes: sculptures, charts, paintings, gardens, mobiles, puppets and so much more.