Official Vandenburg Announcement

Dear Families, The Staff and Board of Directors of the Grand Rapids Child Discovery Center are proud to announce the official purchase of the former Vandenberg Elementary school at 409 Lafayette, S.E.  Lorissa MacAllister, Doreen Bolhuis, and I attended the closing on June 29, 2011.  We are sending out an official press release to the… continue reading

Relocation Information

It is official!!   The school is relocating to the former Vandenberg building on 409 Lafayette SE for the fall of 2011.  Here is an excerpt from Principal Melcher’s newsletter article regarding the move: I usually begin to write my Link article in my head throughout the weekend, usually by Friday I have some “seed” to… continue reading

Initial renderings of the Vandenberg Building

Dear Friends and Families, We would like to share the initial renderings of our architectural firm, Lott3Metz, so you may peek at our vision for the transformation of the Vandenberg building into The Grand Rapids Child Discovery Center.  Please enjoy as you begin to Discover the Connection! – Erin Melcher, Principal Click here to see the renderings!