Update on School Leader Hiring

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Dear Teachers and GRCDC families.

We would like to invite you to a short meeting to share where we are in the School Leader hiring as well as to share with you what we understand from your feedback and see if there is anything else that you might like to see or have considered as we move towards a final decision.

These meetings will happen at the school before the full board meets for their annual retreat and we would love to see you there:

Wednesday, Aug 2 @ GRCDC (location in building TBD)

4:15-5:00pm – Teachers and Staff
5:15-6:00- Community and Parents

We should be making an announcement soon but wanted to create one more opportunity for input and to keep you informed as we appoach the beginning of the school year. If you have not filled out the questionnaire or cannot make it to the meeting, please send an email to lisa.heyne.grcdc@gmail.com if there is something, still, that you want to add.

Thanks again and hope to see you there.

Lisa Nuyens Heyne

GRCDC Board President