School Meals FAQ

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Q: Where do I apply for free or reduced price school meals? A: Go to Our school’s name code is “CDC”.

Q: When will families be informed if they qualify for free or reduced school meals? A: Families will mailed letters with in 2 weeks.

Q: What is my student’s ID number? A: For returning students, check your Orientation paperwork for your students number. New students, call the school office (459-0330)

Q: Can I pay online for school meals? A: Yes! You will need your student’s ID. number First you will register for a new account. Choose “Grand Rapids Shared Services” as the school, enter your student’s ID, and the student’s last name. Your student’s name should appear at the bottom. If you have trouble, please call Steve Slabbekoorn at GR Food Service: 819-2135.

Q: What should I do if I had trouble with the online school meals application? A: Please call Steve Slabbekoorn at GR Food Service: 819-2135.

Q: I think my child qualifies for free or reduced meals what do I do? A: If you do the application TODAY, you do not need to send money to school. We will feed all students. If you end up not qualifying for free or reduced school meals, your child will have a balance due.  Unfortunately, GR Food Service will not refund money paid for students who end up qualifying for free or reduced lunch.

Also, if you are sending cash or check to the school to pay for school meals, please make sure your child’s name is attached to your cash or check. The school can not give change. Any money you pay for lunch will be a credited on your student’s lunch account.