Portfolio Day 2017

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Our annual Portfolio Day is Friday, March 24th and seeks to honor two main purposes: 1) To see children as strong, powerful and full of potential, and  2) To reflect on learning together in community.The portfolio is a collection of artifacts (drawings, paintings, writing, photographs, work samples, etc.) that speaks to academics, developmental milestones, social-emotional growth, learning strategies and each students’ identity.

On March 24, student’s come to school on an alternative schedule, a one hour, carefully scheduled Portfolio Day session.  It is by far one of the most powerful and inspiring days of school.

Portfolio Day expands upon the traditional parent teacher conference and be a more inclusive exchange among children, parents and teachers.  Work is selected so that some traditional parent teacher conference information is available such as current math and literacy understandings, you child’s preferred ways of learning and interests. Consider this comparison of the two event types:

Traditional Parent Teacher Conference Portfolio Day
•       Focus is on one child

•       Exchange is between parent and teacher.

•       Teacher does most of the talking.

•     Content is about academics and behavior.

•     Purpose is to inform parents.

•     Attended by the parent(s) and teacher, sometimes with the child.

•     Feels similar to what most adults may have experienced in their educations.

•     Suggests learning happens in isolation or between the child and the teacher.

•       Focus is on one child within a community.

•       Exchange among children, parents and teachers.

•       Children and parents do most of the talking.

•       Content includes academics, development, learning strategies, behavior, and peers.

•       Purpose is to see children as capable and reflect on learning together.

•       Attended by small groups of families.

•       Feels different than what adults may have experienced in their educations.

•       Suggests learning happens in a community and through exchanges with parents, teachers and children.

Portfolio Day reflects the belief that learning happens in relationship with others.  Portfolio Day is organized to reflect on each individual student’s learning, but also the learning of peers.  We will ask all families to think about the learning of other children because we believe: 1) Learning together makes our community stronger, 2) When a group of families note another child’s strengths, it elevates that child’s work even more, 3) Other families will elevate your child’s potential, 4) You may see something different in another child’s work than the parents do, 5) Your thinking is valued, 6) Your reflection is similar to the type of work your child does regularly, 7) You will learn about your child’s peers and 8) It offers an opportunity for your child to lead you through a reflective process.