Earth Day Recycle Challenge 2013

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Are you up for the challenge?

GRCDC has accepted the 2013 Earth Day Recycle Challenge to recycle electronics!  Do you have a broken appliance or an old TV that you don’t want any more?  Don’t dump them in the trash, start saving all electronics on the list of accepted items (attached flyer) between now and April 20th to help GRCDC win prizes & help the earth by recycling them. There are 3 locations to bring the electronics to on April 20th between 9am and 1pm; Please follow this link for the information flyer.

A little bit about the challenge:

Each year, the Kent County Department of Public Works invites all elementary schools in the Kent County School District to participate in the Earth Day Recycle Challenge to promote awareness for Earth Day (celebrated April 22nd each year) and to encourage recycling at an early age.  This year, schools are being challenged to collect electronics for recycling.

Winners will be determined based on the average weight of electronics collected per student in your school.  We’ll take the entire weight of your items and divide by the number of students in your school. The school with the greatest pounds-to-student ratio wins!  Top performing schools will receive a school award and every school will receive a certificate of participation. Each student will receive a token of appreciation for participating.

Tell your friends and family, pass this information along.  Anyone can bring in their old electronic items and recycle them under GRCDC so we get the credit.  This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to take pride in their school and show everyone that we care about the earth!

-Jerilynn Jacobsen, parent (Thanks Jerilynn bringing this program to the school!)

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