How Do We Share Planet GRCDC?

Dear Families,

Wow!  I can’t believe week 1 is already in the books.  We have had a fantastic start to the school year- connecting with new students, reconnecting with old friends, practicing our routines, and really thinking about what it means to “share our planet”.

Our school-wide study theme this year is: how we share our planet.  Adults and children together will be studying our rights, responsibilities and the conflicts that arise as we share resources with people and with other living things.  This concept is aligned with ideas we have been working on for the past two years- what does it mean to be a member of the GRCDC community?  How does our community at GRCDC impact our broader community and vice versa? How do we build a sustainable and equitable community? How do we take care of our spaces?  How do we work together? These questions are worth thinking about and talking about for ALL of us.

At the most basic level, that means making sure we all observe our school rules and processes and live into our core values of inspiration, potential, connection, and equity.  This allows us to be in harmony with one another while supporting our children and our school to continue to grow into a vibrant, dynamic, and richly diverse place. Doing this together takes time and intention.

I have been “wowed” every day by the different ways our families and children have been showing what our core values and 3 Bs (be kind to yourself, others, and the environment) look like in action.  From comforting a lonely friend, to picking up litter in the playground, to eagerly welcoming our new families, to working hard to get back into the school routine after summer- our children and families amaze me everyday.  Thank you for the way you show up to this community.

As we work to share the GRCDC planet together, there are some NEW faces in our community!  We have 3 new teachers and 3 new paras! Please welcome:

  • Mr. Verkaik- 2nd grade, partner to Ms. Harmony and parent to a First Grader
  • Ms. Hegarty- 4th grade, partner to Ms Trout
  • Ms. Lindsay- 5th grade, partner to Ms. Elly
  • Ms. Lakara- 2nd grade para, recent GVSU grad with a Liberal Studies degree (focus on social change and diversity)
  • Ms. Megan- 3rd grade para, previously subbed as a para and parent to a 2nd grader and 5th grader
  • Ms. Aimee- 4th grade para, previously subbed as a para and parent to a 5th grader, 3rd grader, and Kindergartener

With an Education Based on Relationships, it is important that staff and families connect.  If you see a staff member who looks new to you, introduce yourself! We will always be as healthy and strong as our connections are.

I am wishing all of us a great year ahead.  With the intention that we are already showing around how we share planet GRCDC, I know we will all learn and grow together so much this year.  I am honored to be in this community with you!

Respectfully yours,

Lisa Heyne