Mrs. Memmott’s Classroom

Mrs. Jacie Memmott




Meeting Schedule:

Classroom Zoom with Ms. Memmott every Wedesday from 9:00 - 9:30 AM

Office Hours Zoom with Ms. Memmott every Friday from 11:00 - 11:30 AM

Office Hours Zoom with Ms. Megan every Tuesday from 10:30 - 11:00 AM

You will find the link to join these meetings in your email every week on Monday.

Having trouble viewing the video lessons?

If you click on a link and get a page that says "Refused to connect", please navigate to childdiscoverycenter.org. We have discovered that the reason there was trouble accessing the videos is due to the way our alternate domain (grcdc.org) is set up. So, please STOP using grcdc.org and START using childdiscoverycenter.org.

Weekly Message:

Dear 3rd graders (almost 4th graders), 

Can you believe it, this is our final week of 3rd grade together. I have been thinking a lot about just how much you all have grown and what an amazing group of learners you are. Your teacher next year is so lucky to get you, I wish I could be me still!!!

This week we are finishing up our math lessons on area. In writing, we are revising and editing our rough drafts. I am also going to share out some of your hard work and celebrate you. 

I feel so fortunate to say I am your teacher!

Love always (and I mean always), 

Ms. Memmott

P.S.  If you still need to finish work from last week, click here to view Ms. Memmott's Resources 5.26-5.29

Curriculum for the week of June 1 - 5

Please watch the mini lessons and complete the linked assignments for our final week together.  Learning content from last week is linked in my weekly message. This summer you will be able to access all of the learning videos and assignments if you need to complete anything!

Monday 6/1:

Enrichment - Movement:

Tuesday 6/2:

  • Office Hours Zoom with Ms. Megan at 10:30 today!

Social Emotional Learning:

Enrichment - Social Emotional Learning

Wednesday 6/3

  • Classroom Zoom Meeting at 9:00 today!

Enrichment - Movement:

Thursday 6/4:

Student Survey:

Enrichment - Movement:

Friday 6/5:

  • Office Hours Zoom with Ms. Memmott at 11:00 today!

Celebrate Our 5th Graders