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Video Lesson Troubleshooting

If you click on a link and get a page that says "Refused to connect", please navigate to childdiscoverycenter.org. We have discovered that the reason there was trouble accessing the videos is due to the way our alternate domain (grcdc.org) is set up. So, please STOP using grcdc.org and START using childdiscoverycenter.org.

Curriculum for the week of June 1 - June 5

Please watch the mini lessons and complete the linked assignments in our final week together.  You can find last week's content in my weekly message. All of the learning videos and assignments will be available all summer in case you need to finish.

Weekly Message:


How can this be the last week of First Grade? I know we keep saying this, but we are so proud of all the work you have accomplished from your houses in the last few months. Somehow we made it! I wish we were at school having popsicles, playing outside and celebrating our time together. Please know that I am thinking of you all and celebrating you from my house. Maybe you can talk your parents into having a popsicle, play in the sprinklers, have a picnic outside kind of day to celebrate the last day of school on Friday or this weekend! Please keep in touch and keep sending all the joys and celebrations!

Love and miss you!
Ms. Parkie

P.S. If you want to work on content from last week, you may access it here.


Monday 6/1:


  • Log in to iReady Math
    • Please do the one Teacher Assigned blue lesson we chose for you this week first.   It is connected to your week’s math lesson. 
    • Optional: Work in your green path lessons as you have time.  We recommend 2-3 a week.  



Tuesday 6/2:

  • Office Hours Zoom with Mr. Fiore at 9:30 today!

Social Emotional Learning:


Enrichment - Social Emotional Learning

Wednesday 6/3:


Thursday 6/4:



  • Log into iReady Reading and complete teacher assigned lesson
  • Assignment: Please do the Teacher Assigned iReady Reading lesson in your blue path.

Enrichment - Movement:

Friday 6/5:

  • Office Hours Zoom with Ms. Parker at 12:00 today!



Celebrate Our 5th Graders!