Lottery Information

Lottery Information:

  • If a grade level has more enrollment applicants than we have seats available, we will hold a lottery shortly after the open enrollment period ends.
  • Current enrollees, staff members’ children and siblings of current enrollee’s are placed first
  • After that, the lottery is random. The lottery continues until all names have been called in order to give applicants a spot on the waitlist
  • Applicants are called off the waitlist in a rolling manner- as soon as there is a spot, they are called and families will have a limited amount of time to accept their spot.
  • After the lottery through to the beginning of the new school year, we continue to accept applicants. These applicants are placed on a class list immediately if there is space, or on the next spot on the waitlist if there is not.
  • At times, we accept mid-year transfers.  Call the office at 616-459-0330 for more information.