2022-2023 Enrollment Application

2022 - 2023

Please review the form below and make sure you have all the information ready before starting.  The application will take 15-20 minutes to complete.

    Application For Enrollment

    Student Basic Information

    Student's Birth Date

    Parent/Guardian Information

    Legal Parent/Guardian

    Parent/Guardian Rights

    Is this parent a member of the Armed Forces on Active Duty?

    Legal Parent/Guardian #2

    Is there another legal parent/guardian?


    FYI: Most school communications will come via email

    Is this parent a member of the Armed Forces on Active Duty?

    Student Background



    Emergency Contacts

    Please list at least one emergency contact

    Language Information

    State Board of Education Approved Home Language Survey*

    The Grand Rapids Child Discovery Center is collecting information regarding the language background of each
    of its students. This information will be used by the district to determine the number of children who should be
    provided bilingual instruction according to Sections 380.1151 - 380.1158 of the School Code of 1976, Michigan's
    Bilingual Education Law. Would you please help by providing the following information?

    Thank you very much
    for your cooperation.



    1 "Primary language" means "dominant language used by a person for communication."

    * Translation of the questions in this section in Spanish, Arabic, French, Italian, and Ojibwa is available at the Office of Field Service

    Home Information

    McKinney-Vento Questionnaire

    Where is the student currently living? (select one)

    In permanent housingIn a shelterIn transitional housingAwaiting foster care placement or within first 6 months of foster placementIn a hotel/motelWith another family or person because of loss of housing or economic hardshipIn a car, park, camper, abandoned building, etc. (unsheltered)Other temporary living situation

    Race & Ethnicity Information

    Please answer both parts A and B

    Part A. Is this student Hispanic/Latino? (check only one)

    Part A of the question is about ethnicity, not race. Regardless of what you selected in Part A, please answer Part B by marking one or more boxes to indicate what you consider your student’s (or your) race to be.

    Part B. What is the student’s race? (Choose one or more)

    NOTE: Both parts A and B must be completed. We encourage you to select an answer for both parts. If either part (A or B) is not answered, the U.S. Department of Education requires the school district to supply an answer on your behalf.

    Thank you for completing the enrollment application for the Grand Rapids Child Discovery Center. Please review your answers and ensure all responses are answered to the best of your knowledge. When you have done so please click the button below.