COVID-19 Guidance

COVID Information:












COVID Outbreak Protocol:

A COVID outbreak is defined as at least three cases or at least 10% of students, teachers or staff within a specified group, like a classroom, with positive results within 14 days of each other. This is considered an outbreak. In an outbreak situation, we will do the following:

-We will email the parents right away about the outbreak.

-The class/group will universally mask for 10 days from the last time the COVID positive person was in class.

-We will rapid test the class as soon as possible. If you do not want your child to take a rapid test during an outbreak please contact the office to opt out. If you opt out and there is an outbreak in your child’s classroom, as defined by KCHD, your options are: coming to the school to Rapid test your child, picking up your child and taking them home for a Rapid test, or picking up your child and keeping them home for a 10 day quarantine.

-We will implement other methods of prevention at school such as level zero (no talking) at lunch, increased sanitizing of surfaces in the classroom, etc.


COVID Symptoms – when to stay home and get tested

My child isn’t feeling well, what is the protocol for returning to school? If your child displays symptoms as described below, a PCR test must be done before returning to school.

ONE of the following:
-New cough
-Loss of taste or smell
-Shortness of breath – OR –

Any TWO of the following:

-Fever (measured or subjective)
-Extreme Tiredness/Fatigue
-Sore Throat
-New congestion or Runny nose
-Body aches
-Nausea/vomiting or Diarrhea
COVID Testing Resources:

Where can I get my child tested for COVID-19? Please see the following testing resources from the Kent County. UPDATE – Rapid Molecular NAAT testing is available at Walgreens. The appointments book up quickly, but if you snag one in the morning, you usually can take a test that afternoon. You can book an appointment from the Walgreens website. The results are usually ready within 1-2 hours.  You can also go through your child’s doctor’s office, CVS or Walgreens. Tests are also available through Urgent Care and the results are typically pretty quick, however, depending on your insurance, a co-pay would be required. If you discover any COVID testing resources with quick results, please notify the office so we may share this information with the school community.

Do I need a PCR/NAAT test or a rapid antigen at-home test? When symptoms have just begun, a PCR/NAAT test, scheduled at a pharmacy or medical facility is required. Alternatively, you may use a rapid antigen at home test and if  the test result is positive, we will accept that test result. However, if the rapid antigen at home test is negative, you must schedule a PCR or Rapid Molecular NAAT test to confirm the negative result. Antigen tests and PCR/NAAT tests measure how much COVID is present in a person’s body in different ways, especially at the beginning of symptoms.