Poetry Month

Hello parents! (or children) this is Sophia Streu. I have come to the inter webs to tell you that POETRY MONTH HAS STARTED! During this fine April, we hope to learn about alliteration, haikus, limericks, figurative language, and of course, freestyle poems! Everybody is very excited, and we all hope to write some AMAZING poems. Also, yesterday was… continue reading

Blog Update!

Hello and welcome back!  I’m Sophia, (the new blogger) and I’m going to start off by telling you some things we’ve done, and are currently doing. Last week, (as your kid probably told you) we went to the Grand Rapids Public Museum. Everybody had a great time, and we learned some really amazing things about Dinosaurs,… continue reading

Materials Needed

The HIVE, our room dedicated to reusing man-made materials, is in need of supplies.  Please consider looking around your house for materials you may no longer be using. No purchases are necessary.  The school is looking for donations of specific items in large quantities.  For instance, a box of paper or a lunch bag full… continue reading

Image of the Child

The Reggio Emilia approach to education is based on nine principles that inspire and guide teaching practices.  Of the nine, the image of the child, I would argue, is the most important.  Reggio educator Carlina Rinaldi defines it by stating that “the child is a producer of culture, values, and rights, competent in learning and… continue reading

School Wide Study Kicks Off

Teachers and children started sharing their summer provocations on the very first day of school!  Peers are making connections  and asking questions. Teachers are noting interests, hobbies and ways to connect learning in and out of the classroom.  The study topic, “The Relationship between the Inside and the Outside,” has led children to connect with… continue reading

Register Now for a Reggio Inspired Workshop

Join us at the Grand Rapids Child Discovery Center on August 19.  Our “Learning with Materials Workshop” is a chance for educators and parents to learn about our Reggio Emilia inspired practices.  Information and online registration can be found here.  Hope to see you there!  If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Sarah… continue reading

Final Documentation

In the most recent Innovations periodical published by the North American Reggio Emilia Alliance, Tiziana Filippini discusses the process involved to complete final documentation; perhaps more importantly, however, is the assertion that final documentation is how we communicate our philosophy.  The communication is not just for our immediate audience.  She writes: “Our goal is to make… continue reading