Parent Information Powerpoint

Welcome to Discovery C! If you were unable to make it to Orientation here is the powerpoint we presented.   (You may need to highlight, copy the link and paste it into a new tab. We apologize for the inconvenience! The link will not show on the blog.)


Families and Friends- In Discovery C we have been receiving special friendship groups from Mrs. Patty and Mrs. Angie to go over social skills with the children.  The most recent group was all about compromise.  As an extension lesson, we made mazes with partners focusing on how we compromise to get something done in a… continue reading

Albemarle Science Show!

Wow!  Discoveries C, D, E and F had the unique experience of an Albemarle science show with Dr. Olsen and Dr. Thakkar (Rohan’s father in Discovery C), and it was nothing short of amazing!  They started the presentation off with a bang!  They allowed students to participate in blowing up balloons filled with a chemical… continue reading