Board of Directors

Regular meetings of the Grand Rapids Child Discovery Center Board of Directors will be held the second Monday of each month during the academic year, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Please see our Notice of Regular Board Meeting Schedule. Working teams also meet in the areas of marketing, finance, facility, and fundraising.

GRCDC Board Policy Manual (approved November 2017)

GRCDC Board Opening Announcement

Board Chair President

Kate Adams-Blake

Board Chair Vice President

Ted Jauw

Board Treasurer

Andrew Brower

Board Secretary

 Abby Sutter


Board Member at Large

Jason Ferenczi

Grace Johnson-Connor

Anissa Eddie

Board Meeting Postings

October 2018 Agenda

September 2018 Agenda   Minutes

August 2018 Agenda     Minutes

July 2018  Agenda & Board Packet Minutes

June 2018  Agenda  Agenda for Budget Review Meeting  Minutes

May 2018 Agenda  Minutes

April 2018  Agenda   Special Board Meeting Notice  Minutes for Regular & Special Board Meetings

March 2018  Agenda   Minutes

February 2018  Agenda   Minutes

January 2018 Agenda     Minutes

December 2017  Minutes   Budget Amendment  Budget Amendment Assumptions

November 2017 Agenda   Minutes

October 2017 Agenda   Minutes

September 2017 Minutes  Agenda

June 2017 Agenda  Minutes

May 2017 Agenda     Minutes

April 2017 Agenda    Minutes

March 2017 Agenda    Minutes

February 2017  Agenda    Minutes

January 2017  Minutes    Minutes

December 2016 (*** CANCELLED due to weather ***)

November 2016 Agenda  Minutes

October 2016 Agenda  Minutes

September 2016  Agenda  Minutes

August 2016

June 2016 Minutes  Agenda  Posting Notice for June 29, 2016 Board Meeting

May 2016  Agenda   Minutes

April 2016  Agenda  Minutes (draft)

March 2016  Agenda   Minutes

February 2016   Strategic Planning Meeting: Posting  Agenda   Regular Board Meeting: Agenda   Minutes

January 2016  Agenda   Minutes (draft)

December 2015   Minutes  Agenda  Closed Meeting Notice

November 2015   Minutes  Closed Meeting Notice

October 2015   Agenda  Minutes   Closed Meeting posting

September 2015 Agenda   Minutes (draft)

August 2015 Agenda   Minutes (draft)

July 2015 Posting

June 29, 2015 Agenda   Minutes (draft)   Minutes Supplementary (School Improvement Plan)

June 8, 2015  Agenda   Minutes (draft)   Posting for Board Meeting on June 29, 2015

May 2015  Agenda   Closed Board Meeting Notice (posted on 5/7/15 1:05 pm)   Minutes (draft)

April 2015  Agenda  Minutes (draft)

March 2015  Agenda   Minutes

February 2015  Agenda   Minutes

January 2015  Agenda   Minutes   Closed Meeting Notice (1/20/15)  Closed Meeting Agenda  Closed Meeting Minutes

December 2014  Agenda   Minutes   Closed Meeting Notice (12/8/14)  Closed Meeting Notice(12/1/14)

November 2014  Agenda   Minutes

October 2014  Minutes   Agenda

September 2014   Minutes

August 2014  Minutes  Agenda  Administrator Report

June 2014  Minutes Posting  Agenda

May 2014  Minutes  Administrator Report

April 2014  Minutes Administrator Report

March 2014  Minutes  Administrator Report

February 2014  Minutes  Agenda  Administrator Report

January 2014   Minutes   Agenda   Administrator Report  Closed Session Notice

December 2013  Minutes  Administrator Report

November 2013  Minutes

October 2013  Minutes   Agenda  Administrator Report

September 2013  Minutes   Administrator Report

August 2013 Agenda  Administrator Report


Want to get involved?

The GRCDC School Board invites interested parents and community members to join Subcommittees to support Board Initiatives.  Please click on the documents below for Subcommittee responsibilities, connections, goals, and outcomes.  If you are interested in joining a subcommittee, please email the Board of Directors at board@childdiscoverycenter.org.  

GRCDC Executive Subcommittee   GRCDC Facilities Subcommittee GRCDC Fundraising Subcommittee GRCDC Marketing Subcommittee GRCDC Operations Subcommittee

Past School Year Documents:

2-11-13 Board Meeting Minutes  2-11-13 Board Agenda

1-14-13 Board Meeting Minutes

12-10-12 Board Agenda

11-12-12 Board Meeting Minutes

10-8-12 Board Meeting Minutes

8-13-12 Board Meeting Minutes

06-26-12 Board Meeting Minutes  6-19-12 and 6-26-12 Board Posting

6-19-12 Board Meeting Minutes

5-31-12 Board Posting

5-7-12 GRCDC Board Agenda

4-9-12 Board Meeting Minutes

3-26-12 Board Meeting Minutes  3-23-12 GRCDC Board Posting

3-19-12 Closed Session Notice

3-5-12 Board Meeting Minutes

12-12-11 Board Meeting Minutes

7-21-12 Board Meeting and Retreat Minutes

10-10-11 Board Meeting Minutes