Trevor Gilbert, Family & Behavior Support, Foster Care and MV Homless Liaison

I am Trevor Gilbert

I am the Family & Behavior Support Specialist, the Foster Care Liaison and the MV Homeless Liaison

My first year at the CDC was 2003

The people I work with the most at the CDC are … well, pretty much everyone … students, staff, and parents!

You may call me at school at 616-459-0330, or send an email.

My goals

  • To help students stay better connected to their learning, their teachers, and each other.
  • To always exhibit professionalism with the children and my colleagues.
  • To make school, learning, and relationships fun and memorable.  I want children to remember this place and these years alongside a multitude of smiles, laughs, and good feelings
  • To continue the Choice Theory/Reality Therapy certification process through the William Glasser Institute.

My history

Since my early childhood I have desired to work with children.  I was inspired by some pretty great people during my childhood, and I committed myself as a teenager to do the same for other children.

For more than two decades, I have worked with churches, a community center, and this school, seeking to walk alongside children and their families, working on building relationships that move us all in healthier directions.

I connect with

I am passionate about being a dad.  I have five incredible kids.  (I also feel like I have more than two hundred more here!)  I enjoy being active, especially outdoors.  Relationships are very important to me.  One of my absolute favorite things is to greet children and their families at the beginning of each school day.

You can help me by

  • Offering direct and constructive feedback.
  • Finding ways to support the education of children at the CDC. If you are interested, e-mail me at the link above and we’ll have a conversation.