Sarah Cooper, Pedagogista

I am Sarah Cooper

I am the pedagogista.

My first year at the CDC was 2003.

You may call me at school at 616-459-0330, or send an email.

My goals

  • To continually be inspired by the Reggio Emilio approach to education.
  • To integrate visual languages (paint, clay, wire) into each academic subject and its instruction.

My history

After graduating from Albion College in 2003, I came to the CDC as a paraprofessional and worked with Mrs. French in Discovery A. One year later I was hired as a teacher and spent two years teaching kindergarten and first grade in Discovery B. After a year as the Studio Coordinator, I moved into Discovery D. I taught second and third grade for four years before moving into the pedagogista role.

A few years ago I finished my Masters degree at Aquinas College, but I’m looking to go back again. I’m very interested in curriculum development and differentiated instruction.

I connect with

Reading, cooking and being with friends and family.

You can help me by

  • Reading my article in the Link Letter “The Philosophy”!
  • Volunteering your time or supplies.
  • Attending a Family Team meeting.