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We believe in Potential... Humans are born with the need and the right to communicate,  interact, and use their energy and curiosity to...


We believe in Connection… All of us bloom by engaging with one another, sharing roles and jobs, and approaching our school with collective...


We believe in Inspiration… Each of us possesses a unique combination of 100 languages- for expressing, communicating, absorbing and experimenting with the world...


We believe in Equity… Each community member is whole, just as they are.   Learning, wellness, nutrition, and access to experiences and opportunities...

Why Choose Us

We believe in an Education Based on Relationships. At GRCDC, the center of our educational system is the relationship between teachers/staff, the child, and the family. Learning happens in relationship between children and adults, with the ideas, interests, and strengths of students guiding the learning. Relationships are so important to us that we make sure we have a low student to adult ratio and children stay with their classroom teacher for 2 years (K-1, 2-3, 4-5).

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Our Mission & Vision

We are a public school academy, chartered under Grand Rapids Public School District, serving students in grades Kindergarten through fifth grade. The mission of the GRCDC is to continuously expand the potential of children, the experiences of educators and the involvement of parents within a diverse community of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The vision is to base all decisions on the principles of Reggio-Emilia incorporating current research on learning as well as developmentally appropriate practice.

What Kids Say

I like that the teachers help us learn in many different ways and the children are kind and respectful to me.

"I like how the teachers treat me well and they think my ideas are amazing and they don't ever leave a kid out on a game that we play.  They make me really strong with reading, writing, math, and other subjects."

The people/community is my favorite thing about this school. Everybody is very nice and shows their personalities strongly.

I like how family friendly it is, everyone has a helping hand, you get to express yourself in any subject and no one judges you when you spell something wrong or make a mistake.

At my old school, there was not a lot of freedom, but here there is lots.

Adults in this school let us try over if we get something wrong.

One of the things I like most about my school is how teachers do their best not to go on to a new unit until everyone understands the unit we are on now.

I like that it is a unique place to learn. I feel that it prepares me for middle and high school.

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