Reggio Resources

Resources and publications about the Reggio Emilia approach can be found at the Reggio Children website.  It is the website to seek out for information right from Reggio Emilia, Italy.  It includes research, texts for purchase, upcoming professional development opportunities and more.  If you are interested in talking about any Reggio Emilia ideas or principles, I… continue reading

Teachers as Researchers

This week I connected to the powerful observations of Carlina Rinaldi. She is a well known Reggio educator, Pedagogista and Pedagogical Consultant to Reggio Children.  So without a doubt, she is a great source for inspiration to us all.  Her words were especially relevant to my recent work with classroom teachers. Early in the school’s creation, it… continue reading

Hive Mission, Purpose and Materials

Hive Mission: To foster meaningful experiences through finding, collecting, sorting and transforming reusable material found in the surrounding environment. Hive Organization:  The Hive is located on the lower floor in the southeast corner off the gym.  The room is organized into six categories:  Wood, Plastic, Paper, Fabric, Glass and Metal. Hive Purpose: To reuse materials To… continue reading

Classrooms Supported by Manmade Materials

If you walk into Discovery B this week, you will notice small groups of children are manipulating manmade objects like egg cartons, cardboard, wooden sticks and paper.  Teachers are using these materials to develop challenges for children learning number sense operations like counting, number recognition, skip counting and addition.  Teachers refer to these materials as Hive… continue reading