Owl Pellets By: Alivia Britton

Yesterday,Discovery F had the opportunity to disect owl pellets. A friend of Mrs.Dews gave us owl pellets from her backyard that she had found. We loved to see the tiny skulls and bones from the owl’s prey. However, Mrs.Dews had to dissect them because they were not sanitized . She wore gloves (of course). The… continue reading


Yesterday, Discovery F was lucky enough to have a presentation from two members of the UPrep community. Assistant Principal Ms. Hill and Lexi, a seventh grade student talked to us about UPrep, their academics, their sports programs, and the overall mission of the school which is to prepare students for a college or career in their future.… continue reading

Grand History Lesson

The Grand History Lesson Last week discovery F had the amazing learning experience of staying at the museum for a whole WEEK!!!! Some of the key experiences that really tied into our learning pattern at school was the Through the Eyes of a Fur Trader Program, another amazing program was the Anishinabek where we got… continue reading


Hello and welcome to Discovery F’s classroom blog! Ms. Lavoie has been “trying really hard” to make this post happen since September but for some crazy reason, like she hasn’t done it, it simply has not come together yet. This week, as a discovery, we began writing resolutions for the new year, all of which must be school related. Some friends are… continue reading