School Wide Study Kicks Off

Teachers and children started sharing their summer provocations on the very first day of school!  Peers are making connections  and asking questions. Teachers are noting interests, hobbies and ways to connect learning in and out of the classroom.  The study topic, “The Relationship between the Inside and the Outside,” has led children to connect with… continue reading

Register Now for a Reggio Inspired Workshop

Join us at the Grand Rapids Child Discovery Center on August 19.  Our “Learning with Materials Workshop” is a chance for educators and parents to learn about our Reggio Emilia inspired practices.  Information and online registration can be found here.  Hope to see you there!  If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Sarah… continue reading

We are painting!

Last week we began painting our murals (finally!)  The children are doing an amazing job and are very serious about their work.  Yesterday while painting Saelah and Eli were discussing what we could do with the murals when they are done.  The class wants them displayed during our Celebration on June 3rd, but what then? … continue reading

Final Documentation

In the most recent Innovations periodical published by the North American Reggio Emilia Alliance, Tiziana Filippini discusses the process involved to complete final documentation; perhaps more importantly, however, is the assertion that final documentation is how we communicate our philosophy.  The communication is not just for our immediate audience.  She writes: “Our goal is to make… continue reading

The Habitats

We have continued our progress with our habitats.  Each group has now arrived at a final plan that incorporates research, discussion, color and texture selection, paint exploration and group working skills.  The children have learned a great amount about their habitats as well as how to be a successful group.  Last week I revisited with… continue reading