Farm to School

The Grand Rapids Child Discovery Center creates and maintains a garden.

We are sometimes called the Farm to School (F2S) group or the “Garden to Table” group and have been meeting since early 2009.

We abide by the philosophy of the school and try to make even the planning and building of the garden a cycle of inquiry. The new school garden initiative will begin September 2011.

For more information regarding our Farm to School garden please contact Kristin Hanks or Chrysta Coronado through the general school contact information.

Although we are not an official “Farm to School” chapter, several families and staff at our school have been inspired by the work going on at the national level and began asking how we could improve our school’s relationship to food.

The group helps clear the gardens, provides materials and support for discoveries wishing to study plants and foods, helps organize snacks in discoveries, advocates for healthy alternatives in the lunchroom, provides food demonstrations, connects with local resources such as master gardeners and community outreach programs, and more.

We seek to explore how both children and adults can improve their lives through the best food opportunities at GRCDC.