Park Project

On Monday the children of Discovery E were able to see their hard work come to fruition, as they presented their fundraising money for the Park Project to Mr. Doyle and Miss M. The children began this challenge when they were asked to identify a problem they saw at their school or in their community. … continue reading

Haiku Poems

Today at our Literacy event we shared our group written haiku poems.  Here they are, in case you missed them! Wildlife The deer eat berries, Wolfs stalk their pray silently, It is amazing.   A Wolf’s Night Wolves howl at night They are running far and wide A night for a wolf The Wind Wind… continue reading

Closer to…

Today we began playing closer to… in math.  This year along with our new math curriculum we have begun many new games to practice math skills as well as: social skills, problem solving and critical thinking.  The rules of closer to are simple, draw 4 cards and try to get as close to the target… continue reading

Working with Money

We have money!  We began by counting, identifying, and sorting our money.  Over the next few weeks we will have a Discovery E Store for the children in the discovery to practice with money.  They will be finding totals for orders, making change and counting the cash drawer.  They are excited to be using money,… continue reading

Happy Constitution Day!

Today we revisited the process of how and why the United States Constitution was written.  After reading about the Constitutional Convention the children began to write their own Classroom Constitution.  Although we won’t be able to spend a whole summer, like our forefathers, we will be developing a constitution that we can use and reference… continue reading