Team Building in Discovery D

The Children in Discovery D spent their very first Movement session of the year thinking about and working together on team building and sportsmanship. We began our time in the gym and playground with a discussion about what sportsmanship meant to them and how we would use it while working and playing together in Movement… continue reading

Summer Provocation

Below is this year’s summer provocation. We included this document with our recently mailed introduction letter. However, if you require another copy you can download it here or contact Ms. Jefchak or Mr. Kleinschmit at:, 616-901-5778 or, 810-599-1861 Please feel free to email or call us if you have questions or concerns. Enjoy… continue reading

Michigan Timeline Productions

The Michigan Timeline Productions are 8 plays written and performed by the 2nd and 3rd graders of Discovery D. The children are retelling the history of various people who have played a role in the making of our great community. We hope you can join us on Tuesday. If you can’t make it then, try… continue reading