Introducing the 100 Languages of Children

  One of the key principles of the Reggio Emilia approach is the belief and use of 100 hundred languages. Like you may guess, the principle refers to communication.  However, the emphasis is in o ffering children one hundred ways to share their thinking.  Children learn in different ways and the one hundred languages offer different means for… continue reading

Our Reggio Principles

The Reggio Emilia approach to education is based on nine principles that inspire and guide teaching practices.  The principles include: 1) the image of the child,  2) children’s relationships and interactions within a system, 3) the role of parents, 4) the role of space: amiable schools, 5) teachers and children as partners in learning, 6)… continue reading

Reggio Emilia Inspired Conference

Greetings!  About a month ago, I attended an inspiring conference regarding the use of clay in the Reggio inspired classroom.  Educators from all over attended.  Once again, Michigan Inspirations designed a professional development experience open to all, especially interested parents, friends and teachers at the Grand Rapids Child Discovery Center.  Read their conference summary below… continue reading

Listening within the Role of the Teacher

At a recent conference, I picked up a very concise booklet,*outlining the values of the educators in Reggio Emilia, Italy.  The authors highlight the importance of listening in their work with young children: “To truly listen, an active attitude of listening between adults, children and the environment is the premise and context of every educational… continue reading

Discovery Work in the Studio

Studio Coordinator Nora Faber is busy introducing materials or languages as we call them.  By the end of November all children will have had introductions and explorations with drawing materials (oil pastels, chalk, graphite, pencil, marker), clay and wire.  Classroom teaching teams are introducing paint and paper.  We intend to offer children the skills to… continue reading

Materials Needed

The HIVE, our room dedicated to reusing man-made materials, is in need of supplies.  Please consider looking around your house for materials you may no longer be using. No purchases are necessary.  The school is looking for donations of specific items in large quantities.  For instance, a box of paper or a lunch bag full… continue reading

Discovery B Meets Stripes

Friends from Discovery B visited Stripes in his home on the third floor last week.  The children observed him, learned to pet him in ways that are comfortable for Stripes.  They learned about his food, water and treats.  Children took photographs, drew pictures and developed procedures for taking care of Stripes.  They also started wondering… continue reading

Image of the Child

The Reggio Emilia approach to education is based on nine principles that inspire and guide teaching practices.  Of the nine, the image of the child, I would argue, is the most important.  Reggio educator Carlina Rinaldi defines it by stating that “the child is a producer of culture, values, and rights, competent in learning and… continue reading

School Wide Study Kicks Off

Teachers and children started sharing their summer provocations on the very first day of school!  Peers are making connections  and asking questions. Teachers are noting interests, hobbies and ways to connect learning in and out of the classroom.  The study topic, “The Relationship between the Inside and the Outside,” has led children to connect with… continue reading