Discovery C Study about Communities in need

After Summer Provocations, we started out the year with the question, “What is community?” The students gave remarkable answers, including Naomi T’s comment, “It’s a group of people trying to change and improve lives.” We noticed that many of them saw community as a group of people working together to promote change, so we used Naomi’s quote as our launch pad. They then had an opportunity to design a community in need using natural materials, as well as items from the Hive. In designing these communities, we had conversations with them about what they could do to solve the problems these groups of people faced. They presented their projects to their class and each student took note of themes that they noticed among projects. This led us to choose helping families in need, including those here at school and the homeless in our neighborhood. In the students’ presentations, we noticed they wanted to help those in need through providing food and clothing through donations, as well as by providing shelter.

It is our goal to work with local engineers and GR Makers to create some sort of shelter, but in the meantime we will begin with a donation drive. This is still being sorted out, but we plan to collect food items to donate to families in need at our school around Thanksgiving. The students will be working on meal plans, so look to Monday’s newsletter for details on what items we are looking for. We are so inspired by the compassion and motivation this group has to create change. Adalyn said it perfectly, “I feel like I can do stuff I never knew I could at this age.” We are so excited to see where this study takes us. We appreciate any support you can give!

Below: Cyrus, Brendan and Dylan created a home for the homeless. As DeAja noticed, she liked that their home only included needs and not wants.

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Below: Annalise, Ja’Kayla, Charlotte and Naomi J. were looking to help a Dance School that was going out of business. Although we are not going to be specifically helping a Dance School, we used parts of their presentation, such as having a donation drive, to connect their thinking with our plan to help families in need.

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