Poetry Month

Hello parents! (or children) this is Sophia Streu. I have come to the inter webs to tell you that POETRY MONTH HAS STARTED! During this fine April, we hope to learn about alliteration, haikus, limericks, figurative language, and of course, freestyle poems! Everybody is very excited, and we all hope to write some AMAZING poems. Also, yesterday was the Literacy Concert. Each discovery presented poems, and acted them out or read them aloud. After each discovery presented their poems, they went to the cafeteria and were allowed to get up to 3 brand new hardcover books! Some examples of the books Disc. F could got were: Sway, Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover, Fight For Freedom, Vanished, and the Gray Wolf Throne. Well, that’s all I have for now!

~Sophia Streu

P.S : We do NOT have school this Friday, April 4th, as it is the start of Spring Break, which lasts from April 4th- April 13th.

P.P.S: Portfolio day is April 23rd. You will not attend school that day, except for at your scheduled portfolio time.


Saying of the Week:  “Sometimes me think, what is friend? then me think, friend is someone to share last cookie with.” ~Cookie Monster

Joke of the Week: Why did the fox cross the road?                                                      Answer: To get to the chicken on the other side

Word of the Week: