Haiku Poems

Today at our Literacy event we shared our group written haiku poems.  Here they are, in case you missed them!


The deer eat berries,

Wolfs stalk their pray silently,

It is amazing.

photo 2


A Wolf’s Night

Wolves howl at night

They are running far and wide

A night for a wolf

photo 4

The Wind

Wind is howling

It is like a rushing stream

The trees will sway back

photo 5

Animals in the wild

Creatures are so cute.

Animals in the wild

Save our animals


photo 3


Under the Water

Blue and red coral

Whales and the octopuses

We see Gulper Eels

photo 7

Chinese Trees

Chinese trees are red

Chinese Trees are so pretty

I wish I owned one.

photo 8


Spring is colorful,

Summer is a place of fun,

Fall is creative.

photo 6


The Woods

The woods have green leaves

There is a bubbly stream.

Birds fly in the woods.

photo 1