Closer to…

Today we began playing closer to… in math.  This year along with our new math curriculum we have begun many new games to practice math skills as well as: social skills, problem solving and critical thinking.  The rules of closer to are simple, draw 4 cards and try to get as close to the target number as possible using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  The children began by wanting to win, but as they worked together they began challenging each other to find each person’s “closest.”  The children are excited to play this game and will be working with different target numbers to find which are easier to solve and which might be more challenging.  While playing these games the children also learn patterns, social skills, and critical thinking by applying already known theories.  Maiya was excited to get 19 while playing with a target of 20.  Will at first thought he could only get 16, but then found he could be closer with 22.

Maiya’s Hand





IMG_7508[1] Will could only get close with 22.

These games help the students refine their math skills as well as other skills they will continue to use through out their school and adult life.