Team Building in Discovery D


The Children in Discovery D spent their very first Movement session of the year thinking about and working together on team building and sportsmanship. We began our time in the gym and playground with a discussion about what sportsmanship meant to them and how we would use it while working and playing together in Movement this year. The children gave their theories and the class agreed to start with the list you see pictured in this post. Children who provided the suggestions wrote their ideas down and we assembled the list for the entire class. In addition, Josiah pointed out that the main idea of playing games was, “To have fun.”
After our morning of playing such games as Running Kick Ball, various relay games, Caterpillar Race, and Beach Towel Volleyball; the children came together again to reflect on how everything went.  They felt that the pluses of the morning were: Good Teamwork such as working together, listening and asking nicely; there was lots of fun; solving problems without getting upset or fighting.  Challenges were that a few people had trouble listening and in one instance one person became upset and chose to sit out.  We plan to review these strategies and norms each Wednesday before engaging in our Movement lessons.  The children may have more to add and we know they will find ways to solve problems and continue to have fun–which is the main purpose of the games!

(Photos by: Simon and Angela :))

IMG_1409   IMG_1402