Discovery F-Fifth Grade is Going to be Great!

Welcome to the 2013-2014 Discovery F! We are a class of 27 fifth graders and 2 amazing teachers Mrs. Dews and our paraprofessional Mr. Trevor!!!!

This year we also have a class pet who is furry and so cute his name is Gus F. BMO. Gus is a guinea pig that enjoys eating fruit and vegetables mostly lettuce. We have to be quiet around Gus because he is adapting to his new environment. So he like when we are doing S.S.R because we are so quiet while reading. We are very happy to have Gus in Discovery F this year!!!!

This year we are going to do things such as an Artprize program downtown and the fifth graders graduation as well. With all our field trips and fun things we will be learning new standards as well such as new math standards and writing.

Our first week went well we were catching up with friends of course, talking about our summers and sharing our summer provocations. However we did not have any homework thanks to Mrs. Dews!!

Every week we will write a new blog such as about something we are studying or something we want to share with you!!!

First Day of School pictures

gus close upline2013 first day