Inspiration from Other Reggio Emilia Inspired Schools

Two weeks ago I visited three Reggio Emilia inspired schools in Indiana. I toured and talked with leaders at two public programs in Indianapolis and a private program in South Bend.  My intentions behind the visits included understanding constructs schools create to support their interpretation of the approach, the environments and networking with other Reggio educators.  You are welcome to view my photos, notes and conclusions.  I’d love to discuss with you!

Check out the school websites below:

IPS/Butler University Lab School

St. Mary’s Child Center – Collection of Early Childhood Centers included in the Indianapolis Reggio Collaborative

Stanley Clark Private School 



The IPS Butler Lab School was most like our school because it is public, elementary and  located in the downtown area close to a historic district.  They were especially kind and allowed me to tour the school, join classrooms and snap some photos.  At left is a strategy for documentation that I felt may be helpful to our teachers.  It appears that the studio coordinator is revisiting work and gathering theories about work through a web.  What caught my eye was that it was done on a large, laminated poster board which would allow you to reuse the board after you recorded the conversation digitally.