What is a portfolio?

Scheduling forms have recently come home inviting you to attend your child’s Portfolio Day.  For new and returning families alike, I wanted to share our work to develop and use portfolios.  The portfolio is a collection of student work.  By the end of your child’s time at the GRCDC, you will leave with work from kindergarten – fifth grade that represents who your child is and how he or she learns. It may include painting, writing, drawing, photography, published books, milestones, connections to friends and academics.  The portfolio is a tool for tracing time, progress and authentic assessment.  The Portfolio Day is a celebration of chidlren, their potential and our committment to promote the Image of the Child.   Our staff collaborated to articulate the purposes and work within the portfolio:

What is the purpose of the portfolio?

  • Demonstrating learning
  • Communicating experiences and learning
  • Capturing the learning process
  • Demonstrating thinking and problem solving
  • Assessment: paper/pencil and authentic
  • Evidence of experiences of the child
  • Expression
  • Developing self awareness and self esteem
  • Offering children, teachers, parents opportunity to wonder
  • Reflection
  • Demonstrating quality


What goes into the portfolio?

  • Work the child is proud of and wants to include
  • Work that shows uniqueness
  • Demonstration of learning: success or a failure
  • Could be an end product or process
  • Always has an intention, a reason for going in the portfolio
  • Include core curriculum areas
  • Include real life experiences
  • Include awards and performances
  • Work showing a pattern of growth and improvement
  • Benchmarks or milestones