North American Reggio Emilia Alliance Winter Conference

The conference opens this morning with historical and current contexts that support the work of Reggio Emilia infant, toddler and preschool centers. Lella Gandini and Amelia Gambetti share that the Reggio “excellence” is possible because of the system of supports within their communities. Foundations, research and publishing offers a meaningful way to extend the learning of all subjects, including those who are inspired from all around the world. In our context we find ourselves supported by local organizations. However for the purpose of advocating for the pedagogy of the approach, there is room to reflect and revise our system of support.

Gandini and Gambetti share the aims of the infant and toddler centers of Reggio Emilia. These aims are those that inspires the work within our K-5 context. Aims include the aforementioned “education is a right” idea and the use of 100 languages, which have the “potential to be transformed and multiplex in cooperation and interaction.” It is interesting that these two aims seem to embed the other Reggio principles.